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About Us

Welcome to Salt County Lacrosse, home of the Knights!

Our Story

Salt County Lacrosse was born in January 2023. We had an urgent need for a girls' team in Saline County Arkansas and a short amount of time to make it happen! With the help from our sister organization,  Little Rock Lacrosse, the City of BryantUSA Lacrosse, dedicated high school players and a coach, we got the ball moving on creating a local high school girls' program.

We joined the Natural State Lacrosse League and the 2023 season was set in motion!  With the incredible support of parents, sponsors, the community and the City of Bryant our program took off! Our inaugural team finished the season 11-3 and proved that we are a force to be reckoned with!

2024 will bring a high school boys' team as well and we are thrilled to add them to our club. 

Lacrosse is growing in Central Arkansas and Salt County is leading the charge!

Why the Knights?

The characteristics of a Knight are bravery, loyalty, honor, fearlessness, generosity, courage, & strength. 

Our players will embody the values of:








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