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Our Coaches

Our Leaders that Make us Better

Leading a team of high school players  is no easy feat and requires dedication, patience and diligence.

 Salt County Lacrosse is honored to have our coaching staff.


Coach Tyler Henderson

Knights Head Coach

Coach Tyler is an experienced lacrosse coach with a passion for the sport. With 3 years of coaching under his belt, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his team. Having grown up playing lacrosse himself, Coach Tyler understands the game from both a player's and a coach's perspective. His coaching philosophy revolves around creating a positive and inclusive environment where every player can thrive and develop their skills. Coach Tyler believes in the importance of teamwork, discipline, and a strong work ethic. He strives to instill these values in his athletes, both on and off the field. His coaching style is characterized by his ability to effectively communicate with his players, providing clear instructions and constructive feedback. He focuses on individual player development while also emphasizing the importance of team dynamics and strategy. With a genuine love for the sport, Coach Tyler is dedicated to helping his athletes reach their full potential.

Coach John Harris

Assistant Knights Coach

John Harris is not just a lacrosse coach; he's a passionate leader dedicated to shaping the next generation of athletes. With a unique journey that blends his love for lacrosse, commitment to coaching, and service to his country, John brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the field.


Coach Amanda Welch

Assistant Lady Knights Coach

The Salt County Lacrosse team nudged Coach Welch to help in the 2023 season and she is still with us. Coach Welch has an extensive resume coaching girls' basketball. She has embraced lacrosse and has become a valued member of the Salt County staff. 


Coach Casey Hendricks

Assistant Lady Knights Coach

Casey Hendricks is a former lacrosse standout with a passion for the sport that began in first grade. Casey broke barriers as the only female player on an all-boys team for many years. Her talent and dedication earned her a spot in the all-stars state championship game, where only two players from each team in her district were selected to compete. Casey's passion for the sport continued as she transitioned from an all-boys team to girls' lacrosse in 7th grade. Casey excelled on the field, earning a spot on the varsity team as a freshman. Known as "wheels" for her speed and agility, Casey dominated as a center midfielder, specializing in face-offs and earning recognition for scoring double digits in games throughout her career. Unfortunately, a senior-year knee injury cut her playing career short, but Casey has found fulfillment in coaching the Salt County girls' lacrosse team, passing on her knowledge and love for the game.

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